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Enterprise OpenSource

We bring the power of Open Source software to the enterprise world.
  • Support community
  • Source code access
  • Lower cost-per-license
  • Standard-based
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Agile Project Management

Agile Software Development

  • Continuous communication
  • High performance teams
  • Unified processes

On-Demand Solutions

  • Planning
  • Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Collaboration

Our Services


Systems Development

  • Web based systems - Rich Internet Applications (AJAX, PHP, MySQL, SQLite, Ruby).
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) development - Front Ends - Skins.
  • Business management systems, CRM y ERP.
  • PHP, Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, C++.
  • Multi-platform developments (Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix, BSD).
  • Mobile applications (Java, PocketPC, .NET Compact Framework, Palm, UMPC).
  • Artificial Intelligence - Expert Systems - Simulation.
  • Permanent communication with our customers.
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